The Greatest Show on Earth

Published: Thursday 5th May 2016

Written by: Sally Owen

The quirks and eccentricities of Southwold are what make it truly special; what make it the greatest show on earth!  The pleasures of days gone by are not forgotten in this heritage seaside town and are visible in every corner of its being.

The iconic Southwold Pier celebrates this in fantabulous style with its ‘Under the Pier Show’ and novelty water clock.  The ‘Under the Pier Show’ is a collection of weird and wonderful, giggle-inducing amusement machines designed by engineer and cartoonist, Tim Hunkin.  Whack a Banker, Rent a Dog, Mobility Masterclass and the Brainwash are just a few of these totally barmy inventions.

Each and every summer the colour of the beach huts is matched by the bold, bright canvas of the Big Top as the circus comes to town.  For several years the Circus Hassani has made its home on the Common for the whole of August and families have been thrilled by the spectacular acrobats and entertainers.  (So Southwold customers can collect a voucher at our office for discounted tickets.) 

Even watching a movie is more than just watching a movie in Southwold.  Designed by John Bennett, the ‘Electric Picture Palace’ was opened in 1998 in a former cart shed and hayloft just a stone’s throw from the original cinema that opened in 1912 on York Road.  Run by the Southwold Film Society, the aim of this wondrous 70-seater auditorium is to recreate the cinema experience of the mid-20th Century.  You’ll be greeted by a commissionaire outside, usherettes and a well-groomed front of house manager will help you to your seat, a ‘Tini Wurlitzer’ organ will rise from the stage during the interval and to top it all, you be asked to stand as the National Anthem is played at the end of the film!

Southwold has to be seen to be believed and here at So Southwold we have the finest collection of luxury holiday homes for your visit.  Browse our carefully hand-picked collection of Southwold holiday homes from cosy cottages and grandiose townhouses to urban-chic apartments and rustic dwellings with views aplenty.


Sally Owen
Sally Owen



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