The Adnams 10K Race 2015

Published: Monday 23rd Nov 2015

Written by: Leah Smith

On Sunday morning we braced the freezing cold temperatures and went to Southwold to watch my husband Aaron take part in the Adnams 10k race. The event is hosted by Adnams annually and raises funds for local charities. This year’s charities were The Sole Bay Care Fund and the Louise Hamilton Trust Each, along with the traditional Adnams charity. Each year hundreds of runners gather in the town and run a route three times over, usually beginning at The Harbour towards Ferry Road, up towards Godyll Road back onto The Common, round the circuit again then finally finishing up at South Green. 

We parked the car at The Old Water Tower (ever so handy having a car park where you work!) and took a brisk walk down to The Harbour. The temperature was around two degrees at this point and I was beginning to feel rather pleased with myself for having on four layers, three pairs of socks, boots, a hat, thick scarf and gloves on. To the contrary stood Aaron dressed in running shorts, a running t-shirt and running jacket, with a red raw face and a concentrated look, clearly frozen yet focusing on the task ahead. 

Once we left Aaron at the starting line with the other participants we took a stroll along to The Harbour Café and ordered some hot drinks (I know – very mean of us to do this AFTER we left my freezing cold husband!). As tempting as the roaring woodburning stove was inside the café, I was eager to get outside and watch the runners take off.

Just after 11am the race began and all I could think of was ‘be careful of the puddles – they could be hiding a mass of potholes!’. What can only be described as a sea of people heading for Ferry Road, it was truly spectacular to watch, but at the same time I realised nearly all the other runners were wearing proper running trousers. At least Aaron was easily identifiable!

Once the majority of runners had passed us, we continued along the Harbour with the other spectators. By the time we reached the bend in the road (where Ferry Road becomes The Harbour) along came a group of runners on their second lap! I can only assume we were having a leisurely stroll following our hot drinks at The Harbour Café. It is quite remarkable to think these runners have just completed their first lap and we hadn’t even left The Harbour yet!

We decided to stop on the bend and watch the runners complete their second lap. It was so lovely to hear the encouraging chants of the spectators as the runners went by. As we didn’t know anyone’s names we found ourselves cheering them by their running number - ‘Come on 123!’

There was also a very handy water station for runners whom at this point were either throwing the cold water over themselves or attempting to drink it whilst continuing to run. I even managed to spot out of the corner of my eye a Ghost Ship beer station – although I had to keep reminding myself these were for the runners, not the spectators!

The next ten minutes were unbelievable. Still taking our leisurely approach to walking and still on Ferry Road, the runner in first place passed us just before the car parking area. Myself and my Mum looked at each other and said ‘Wow – he’s going to win!’. At this point we ran up the hill towards the beach, passing the Blyth Valley Radio Station headquarters and down towards South Green where Dominic Oliver had already taken first place in an outstanding thirty three minutes!!!

The finish line had a real community feel to it with family members cheering on their loved ones and passer byers congratulating the runners. Karen Hester, Director at Adnams kept the positivity alive by congratulating each runner by name as they crossed the finish line.

For what seemed like an eternity later I finally caught a glimpse of Aaron running up the hill towards us and he completed the run in fifty minutes. When I finally found him afterwards through the crowds, the first thing he said to me was ‘perhaps next year I should purchase some running trousers’!!!

All runners received a goodie bag from Adnams containing a bottle of cold water, banana, fruit drink, Ghost Ship can of beer, Ghost Ship flavoured crisps and some medal keepsakes. 

Well done to all the runners who braved the treacherous weather and took part in this fantastic race and helped raise money for some amazing charities.


Leah Smith



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