Ladies Walk, Southwold - Update

Published: Tuesday 7th Jan 2014

Written by: Maddie Darrell

Please note that the pathway on the coastal side of North Parade in Southwold is still closed from East Cliff to just past Marlborough Road (opposite number 15 North Parade).

Due to structural improvement works to the pathway and cliff face, a 7ft wire open mesh fence has been erected and is therefore not accessible to pedestrians (road access is not affected).

The last of the concrete units were placed just before Christmas and signage erected at the work area indicates completion by the end of January 2014. 

Weather permitting, a ‘grand opening’ of the walk is planned for Thursday 30th January to reveal the new concrete paths, repaired retaining wall, replacement railings and landscaped areas. However, if there is a lot of snow and/or a big freeze in January, work may be stopped and may not recommence until early March.

It is hoped that the Ladies Walk structural improvements will result in a pathway that will remain stable in future, while retaining the original profile of the cliff face. 

We look forward to seeing the new walk and sure it will benefit all of our lovely customers that are staying in one of our self-catering holiday cottages this year.

Maddie Darrell



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