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RSPB Warning re Turkey Fat

Written by Leah Smith on

Christmas Turkey

All of the team at Southwold Lettings hope that you’ve had a safe and wonderful Christmas and Boxing Day.

If you have leftover scraps from all of your festive feasting, please note that the RSPB has warned that cooked turkey should not be left outside for birds to eat as it is hazardous to their wellbeing.

Turkey fat does not harden like many other animal fats and due to its softer state (even when cold); it could spread onto the birds bodies and completely ruin the insulating and waterproofing qualities of their feathers. Birds need to keep their feathers dry and clean to survive – so it is essential that you do not leave out any meat roasting tins in the garden for birds to peck at. High levels of salt that may be used in the roasting process may also be detrimental to the wellbeing of our British birds.

For more information on bird feeding guidelines, visit the RSPB website. 

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