Beachwatch Big Weekend Southwold

Published: Wednesday 18th Sep 2013

Written by: Leah Smith

Now in its 20th year, the 2013 Beachwatch Big Weekend is taking place between 20th - 22nd September 2013.  

Staff at So Southwold are proud to take part in this international, conservation event and have organised their own Beachwatch beach-clean to take place on Tuesday 24th September 2013.  To ensure our beautiful beaches are free of debris, our staff will venture out; rain or shine, to pick up litter on a designated “patch” of beach just north of Southwold Pier.

The Beachwatch Big Weekend attracts thousands of like-minded volunteers every year, who are all passionate about keeping the beaches and shorelines around their homes, free of litter.  There are lots of local events that you can join, all co-ordinated by the Marine Conservation Society (MSC).  

Litter on the beach and in the seas can prove fatal to many species of marine life.  Seabirds may try to eat pieces of plastic bottles and other man-made objects, believing that it is a natural food. This wrongly ingested litter, can block air ways and often prove fatal.

There are also reports of turtles swallowing plastic bags – as they mistake this rubbish for jellyfish. The plastic can then block their stomach, causing a slow and painful death. 

Volunteers during the Beachwatch event can help prevent this harm to sea life and seabirds by getting involved in an event close to where they live. 

Locally, there are Beachwatch events up and down the Suffolk Coast including one at Dunwich Beach. If you would like to join this one, meet at the Heath Barn Education Centre at Dunwich Heath on Saturday 21st September 2013 at 10am and bring appropriate clothing, sturdy shoes and protective gloves.

For more information on an event near you visit: Beachwatch Big Weekend.

Leah Smith



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