Our Office

Please come and visit us at our office in Southwold Market Place where our friendly team love inundating visitors with local information. Whether you're staying in one of our holiday homes or not, we'd be more than happy to help and love talking about the place we're fortunate enough to call home. 

The So Southwold team are lucky enough to work on the doorstep of the ever-popular and very pretty coastal town of Southwold. Our office, No. 19 Market Place is a Grade II listed building with an interesting history of trade. Built in 1865, the establishment was first used as a Unitarian Chapel and public meeting hall. Moving through the 1900's, the building was seen as a home-knit hosiery company, a thriving dining room and restaurant and greengrocers until the 1980's.

From the 1990's until 2018, the building was used by Norwich and Peterborough as their Southwold branch until it was handed over to Suffolk Secrets and So Southwold. Now home to the So Southwold team, we love the characteristic front windows and being right in the mix of the hustle and bustle of Southwold.  The team enjoy lunch breaks on the beach and seeing visitors enjoying their holidays, the only problem is we have a daily battle of being tempted by Southwold's delicious fish and chips!